MALO (Remix) ft. Khaligraph (2017) - Nu Royal Records

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Mercy is back with a new hit single titled ‘Malo’ featuring one of Kenya’s top rap acts Khaligraph Jones. Malo means ‘UP’ in the Luo language and in the song, Mercy urges people to uplift and celebrate where they live as it is their home, even if it’s home away from home like in her case, the USA. In addition, this is an anthem of encouragement for individuals all around the world to raise the standard of excellence and acceptance “higher and higher.” While this tune sets the stage for its listeners to celebrate their communities, we can not forget to also celebrate the differences within each of us. The two combine almost effortlessly to give you this party song that will surely get you up & dancing.

CREDITS: Artist: Mercy Myra Song: Malo (Remix) ft. Khaligraph (Mercy Myra, Robert Kamanzi, Khaligraph Jones, Herman Little III) Producer: Herman Little III Recorded at: Sideline Records (Phoenix,AZ) Engineer: Chris Grimsley Record Label: Nu Royal Records

FEELS LIKE LOVE ft. VicMass Luo Dollar (2017)

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Mercy Myra has teamed up with the “Bank Otuch” hit maker Vicmass Luodollar to release a soul soothing jam single titled “Feels Like Love”. Vicmass Luodollar, the former street hawker who has risen fast to become one of the most famous rap musicians in Kenya, is extremely proud of this achievement. “Feels Like Love” is already dominating airwaves internationally and is available on all major digital platforms. Vicmass Luodollar said he felt “godly” to work with Mercy Myra whose music is adored not only in Kenya but worldwide. “She is an amazing talent and is comparable to none,” he said. “Feels Like Love” is a celebration of the beautiful things that come from Africa and the wonderful contributions the continent has made to the world in different fields including entertainment, sports, leadership, etc. In the song “Feels Like Love” Mercy Myra and Vicmass Luodollar are urging Africans to appreciate and embrace what their home continent has to offer to the world.

FEELS LIKE LOVE ft. Pistyle (2016) - Nu Royal Records

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A new Mercy Myra single leak has hit the web, and it comes in stunning quality, sounding like what has to be some of the best work from the Kenyan artist. Mercy Myra performed "Feels Like Love" at Nu Royal Records celebration in Atlanta, NIGHT OF DREAMS where the crowd was left wanting more. Label executives were in the planning stages to release the single mid-July. However someone internally pulled the trigger much earlier. The rap version features rapper Pistyle on 8 bars in a conversation with Mercy as the embodiment of music. His energetic vocals lends to a particularly mesmerizing Herman Little production. Knowing the style of Nu Royal, there are likely a couple of other strong players working behind the scenes to reintroduce Mercy Myra to her fans along with her formal introduction to main stream radio. "Feels Live Love" is Mercy at her most ambitious, but amazingly, the song rings with readily relatable inspiration in dance, where she weaves in lyrics from her native tongue. Watch out. This track is HOTTTT!!


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BACK HOME - Single (2013)

Executive Production: Sub Sahara Records

The song talks about me having moved away and lived on a different continent while my home AFRICA - MAMA was calling me back home. As I journey back home, I reminisce of the games I played as a little girl, the story times we had, how we ate diverse types of food from the different tribes, and how we shared this food on one big plate - all as one, united.

NYISRI MALONG'O - Album (2003)

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Executive Production: Samawati Productions
  1. Sauti/Imajin
  2. Marobo
  3. Nyisri Malong'o
  4. Mahabuba featuring Idd Aziz
  5. Jacaranda Tear Drops
  6. Sina Maneno
  7. This Time
  8. Nakupenda featuring Harry Kimani
  9. Soul Satisfaction
  10. Away
  11. A Song For Mama
  12. Jacaranda Tear Drops
  13. Nyisri Malong'o (chuodho mix)

TABA SAMU - Album (2001)

Executive Production: Samawati Productions
  1. Maneno
  2. Waongo
  3. Waongo (reprise)
  4. Sitaki featuring K-SOUTH
  5. Musa
  6. Sina Maneno
  7. Tie Dero
  8. Saturday Nite
  9. Money Trouble
  10. Sioni
  11. Not Even a Kiss
  12. Life
  13. If What I Feel Is talent
  14. Tie Dero (remix)
  15. Thank you